1. Edit Category

fmCategoryEdit - Edit Categoty Form.

To create a new or edit an existing category or subcategory, proceed through several steps:

    1. Click on Add a New Category or Subcategory button or Edit an existing category or subcategory button . The "Edit category" form appears.
    1. Specify Category Properties first:
      • ID: For internal use only. You cannot modify this field.
      • Parent Category: Select any parent category from the available categories - from the drop-down list to add or create a child category (Subcategory) under it. To create Root/Main/Parent Category just leave this this field blank.
      • Category Name: Type the name of the category.
      • Category Key/ID: Used for bulk uploading of products with the bulk loader feature. It may be the same as the category name, but without spaces (example: Music_and_Movies).
      • Category Header: Here you can add an additional information about the category, mainly for SEO purposes.
      • Priority: Use priority to have products listed higher within Pinnacle Cart. You can select this on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is given the highest priority. The higher the number, the higher the product will be listed. Note: All categories at the same level in a catalog tree are sorted by priority. Categories with the same priority are sorted in the alphabetical order.
      • Is Category Visible to Users: Uncheck the box if you don’t want this category visible to the user. Otherwise, let it remain checked. By default, the box is checked.
      • List Subcategories on Catalog Page: Check the box if you want to list subcategories on the Catalog Page. Otherwise, let it remain unchecked.
    2. Specify Category Description: Type a description for the category, as shown below.
      1. Also to edit/add category description you can use HTML Editor. To open HTML Editor use Edit as HTML button .
    1. Meta Keywords, Title, and Description: In these fields you can input your meta information for SEO purposes.
    1. Category Image: Click Browse and navigate to the image that you would like to upload for the category. The images can be in JPG, PNG and GIF formats.
    1. Click Ok button to create category/save this entry, or click cancel button to discard this entry.

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