Product Manufacturers

fmManufacturers, fmManufacturerEdit - Product Manufacturers Section

This Section allows you to configure your store at the Manufacturers Level. General layout of this page is as follows.

Products Manufacturers section shows you the list of product manufacturers within Pinnacle Cart and their data organized in tables. You may define manufacturers of your products here to bring as much information to your customer as you can. You can add, edit, delete manufacturer info, specify its URL, description, image and much more information to make your site more trust-worthy.

In Pinnacle Cart a manufacturer field is available for products belonging to the following product types: Product-General, Document-Product and Product-Free Shipping.

To perform basic operations with Pinnacle Cart manufacturers you can use Manufacturers tool-bar.

Or use any of Manufacturers context menu.

So among basic operations there are:

  1. "Add new manufacturer" calls blank Edit Manufacturer form, which is used to create a new manufacturer.
  1. To edit manufacturer you can double click on it or press "Edit manufacturer" button. It calls Edit Manufacturer form for selected product. Please see below for options.
  1. You can "Delete Selected Manufacturer" . You won't be able to undo delete from store option, unless you've made a Database backup.
  2. "Refresh data" forces manufacturers' list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.
  3. Export to Excel or HTML- as is.

Edit manufacturer

To edit product manufacturer within Pinnacle Cart:

    1. Double click on it or press "Edit manufacturer" button.
    2. Enter/Edit manufacturer's name - this field is required.
    3. Specify manufacturer's ID - this field is required.
    4. If you have a picture of the manufacturer you can browse contents of your local folders and select an image. When you press OK button on edit form it will be uploaded to "Images directory" on FTP. When local image selected, this field will display local image path like C:\My Images\some_image.jpg. But local image path will be replaced with image name 123.jpg right after upload.
    5. Click Ok button to save this entry, or click on cancel button to discard this entry.