1. Edit Product

fmProductEdit - Edit Product Form.

Edit Product

To edit product you can double click on it or use "Edit product" button. It calls Edit Product form for selected product.

The availability of some of the "Edit Product" dialog pages depends on weather you have appropriate contribution installed or not. For example Products X-Sell page is not available in DEMO version. Store Manager has following Edit Product pages:


Main Page contains general information of the product. If you are creating a new Product, pay attention on fields marked with *. Those fields are required and others may be left blank or with default settings.

Is Product available? - Check the box if the product is available. Otherwise, let it remain unchecked if it is not available. By default, the box is checked.

ID - for internal use only.

Product ID: All products need to have an ID associated with them for easy look-up and identification. It is a unique identifier of the product in the store. This ID can also be used for Bulk Loading images via FTP to your cart.

Product Name (title): Type the name of the product.

Priority: Use priority to have products listed higher within Pinnacle Cart. A higher number shall have a higher product listing. You can use either positive or negative numbers: For example: 50, -20, 4.

Date Added - date the product was created. Date added feels in automatically when you’re adding new product to a store.

Product Manufacturer: Select the Product Manufacturer Name from the drop-down menu to search products by the product manufacturer. You can add Manufacturers to this drop-down by adding one in Catalog -> Manufacturers. You must do this before you add product if you want to use this dropdown. Alternatively, you can do it afterwards by editing your product.

Categories: One product may be assigned to multiple categories. To assign product to some category click "+" button , and select a category from the drop-down. To remove selected category from list, highlight it and click "-" button

. Also you can select which category is primary by enabling the appropriate checkbox.

Mark Product as Hot Deal: Check the box to mark the product as a Hot Deal. Otherwise, let it remain unchecked if it is not a Hot Deal. Show product on home page? Note: Hot Deal products are always first on product catalog pages.

Show Product On Home Page: Check the box to show the product on the Home Page. Otherwise, let it remain unchecked to hide the product on the Home Page.

Item Price: Type a numerical value with dot-separated decimal (i.e 1.45, 0.34). Do not enter any currency symbols. We have also incorporated a feature that allows you to show or hide the unit price. Check the "Call For Price" box next to the Item Price field, to hide a product’s price.

Sale Price: If this item is on sale, enter the Sale Price.

Description: Product description exactly the way it's going to appear on product's page.

Edit HTML button shows new HTML editor window of product description. It has 2 tabs: HTML and Code, and Properties Toolbar.

Source preview (Code) is useful if you are working directly with "raw" HTML text, which gives you precise control over the tags used in the page. However, by default, you can still work with objects visually.


Enter the following information:

Is this product a Taxable Item: Check the box for calculating the tax for this product to the total amount of user’s order. If you uncheck the box, then, the tax for this product will not be added. By default, the box is checked.

Taxes Class: Here you will determine what tax class you want this product to be a part of. The default value is 'General'.

Weight: Enter the weight of the product.

Shipping Price: By default, the cart assumes all shipping prices are calculated at the product level. If you enter in 0.00 (which is the default) the cart will use the Global Shipping Methods to calculate a shipping price, if an amount is entered, it will use the price entered and NOT use the global method.

Free Shipping: Check the box if there is no shipping charges for the product. Otherwise, let it remain unchecked if there are shipping charges for the product. Note: Unit Weight is not required, if free shipping is selected for the product.

Inter pack / Case pack: Enter the number of Inter pack and Case pack if applicable for product. Case pack must indicate total number of product items in the case. This feature will only be present if you have activated it in Wholesale Settings.

Minimum/Maximum Quantity in Order: Specify the minimum and maximum quantity a customer can order for a product, that may be added to the cart. By default, the minimum order for a product is 1.

Overview: Enter the overview for the product in plain text. Note: HTML is not allowed in Quick Overview. The overview information may also appear on the Catalog pages.


You can specify your products Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords here

Meta Title: The customer will view the Meta title tags at the top of the browser window. Meta title tags help the search engines to decide your web page relevancy for the keyword phrases. You can enter the title of the product name as Meta title tag.

Meta Keywords: Keywords to be used for searching this category. This may also help with search engine positioning.

Meta Description: A short, plain language description of the document, usually 20-25 words or less. Search engines that support this tag will use the information to publish on their search results page, normally below the Title of your site. This tag is particularly important if your document has very little text, is a frameset, or has extensive scripts at the top.


Here you can upload Thumbnail and Product Image. Click Browse and navigate to the image at your local to upload it for the product. The images only can be in JPG and PNG format.

Note: To add more than one image use secondary Images Tab.

Also you can preview your image - dbl-click on it to see detailed Image.

Secondary Images

Store Manager allows you to add multiple secondary images to your product.

You can make the following actions to your secondary images:

  1. To add one click Add Image and Browse New Secondary Image (navigate to the image that you would like to upload for the product).
    • Visible: Uncheck Visible check-box if you want to hide the image on the user site. Otherwise, let it remain checked if you want this image to be visible on the user site. By default, the box is checked.
    • Priority: Specify the priority of the image.
    • Caption: Specify Image's caption.
      • If you want to refresh the image, click on the Refresh button. "Refresh data" forces image preview update. It is useful when you have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.
  1. You can Delete selected secondary image from the list using appropriate button . Pay attention that you won't be able to undo delete from store option.
  2. Click Apply changes button to upload secondary image(s) for a product.


Here you can assign Global Attributes to the product or specify a specific product attribute.

In both panes scroll down and check the box Active/Add next to the existing product attributes/global attributes that you want to assign with the product.

Inventory: Check Inventory check-box if you wish to track Inventory for this attribute.


Specify do you want inventory tracking for this item. Select No, Yes or Attributes form the drop-down and then enter the following information.

Inventory Control:

Track Inventory for this item (yes):

If inventory reaches allowed minimum: If a product reaches the minimum specified value in the inventory, select from the drop-down menu Do not display item on user site if you want to remove the product automatically from the cart or Out of Stock message if you want to display a message to a customer.

Number of items in inventory: If you select the Inventory Tracking, enter the number of products you want to have in the inventory. The system will automatically decrease this value any time a user will purchase a product from your store.

Stop sale if the number of items is less: If you select the Inventory Tracking, specify a value after which the system will automatically stop product sale when the number of items in inventory will be less than that value you will enter here.

Track Inventory for this item by Attributes (Attr):

(make sure you have Checked Inventory check-box at the attributes tab to track the Inventory for this attribute)

If you wish to add attributes click on "Add Inventory" button. You'll see Edit Attribute Inventory form:


Recommended Product Families tab gives you the ability to add recommended products to your product pages. You can use this section to recommend a product family with an existing or new product. But, for doing this, there must be some existing recommended product families.

To recommend family for a product, follow the steps:

1. Press Add Recommended Product button [+]

2. Double-click on the new field and select product from the drop-down.

You can also delete the product from the Product Families page. To delete the product, click Delete this product button [-].

To find more please see Recommended Section description below.


Product Promotion is essential to keep a product-oriented business ahead of its competition. You can use this section to promote an existing or new product by offering free products with it on buying a certain quantity of that product.

To promote a product, follow the steps:

1. Click Add Product Promotions button to open product Search form. For more search options see below.

2. Type few letters of product Name or ID and press search button.

3. Double-click on the product you wish and it will be added to the list.

You can also delete the product from the Product Promotions page. To delete the product, highlight it and click Delete Promotion button.

Quantity Discounts

Quantity Discounts are a requirement for any business looking to expose its products to the consumer marketplace. You can use this section to offer discounts on a product by adding quantity range for that product. To know more, click on the links below.

Enter the following information to Add a New Quantity Range:

Available: Check if you wish to activate this discount.

Min Range: Enter the minimum quantity to avail the discount.

Max Range: Enter the maximum quantity to avail the discount.

Discount: Enter how much discount will be provided on the product under the quantity range and then select from the drop down menu the discount is in % or $.

Wholesale: Check the box if the product is available for wholesale. Otherwise, let it remain unchecked.

Free Shipping: Check the box if there are no shipping charges for the product. Otherwise, let it remain unchecked if there are shipping charges for the product.