2. Users

fmUsersManage, fmUsersManageEdit - Users Section

This section of Store Manager allows you to view users/customer information, add new or remove unwanted ones. Users Management with Store Manager for Pinnacle Cart is very simple.

Users Section (1) displays all your users information. You can set filters and preview particular user with the help of the filter by Date Section (2), but don't forget to Apply filters to see the result.

Also you have "User info" (3) and "User's orders" (4) sections that gives you all necessary information about your users and their purchases.

This section of the Store Manager deals with all users and shows short information about their orders.

Basic Operations (Add, Edit, Delete)

To perform the basic operations like add, edit, delete customers you can use Customers toolbar (1) (2).

or any of Customers' Context menu

You can perform such basic operations as:

    1. "Add new User" calls blank Edit user form, which is used to create a new user.
    1. To edit user you can double click on it or press "Edit user" button. It calls Edit user form for selected product. Please see below for options.
    1. You can "Delete Selected user" . You won't be able to undo delete from store option, unless you've made a Database backup.
    2. "Refresh data" forces users' list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.
    3. Export to Excel or HTML- as is.

Edit User

Most frequently used option here is Edit user. You can call Edit user dialog by doubleclicking on ones' record or pressing a corresponding icon on the toolbar/context menu. Edit user dialog consists of such pages:

  1. Properties
      1. This page displays required and most important information at user profile:
        • Contact Information: First and Last Name, Company, Phone, E-mail
        • Account Information: Login, Password, Last Action, Block Date, E-mail mode (Select from the drop down menu - Plain text messages or HTML-enriched messages). You can also select whether the person will receive newsletters or product updates e-mail notifications or all by checking the boxes.
        • Billing Information: Billing Address details.
  1. Additional Fields
      1. All information on this page is generated automatically to bring you more information about your user account.
  1. Address Book
      1. Address Book tab displays Address Book Data, such as customer/user Shipping details.

User Orders

User Orders is a section in the bottom-right corner of general user's page, that gives a brief overview of all orders made by a selected user. You can use filters to view specific orders using Column header drop-downs.

You cannot Manage orders from this page, but if you need to do so - double-click on Order's field. It will take you to Orders general page and highlight the required order.