3. Products Management

fmProducts - Products and Attributes Sections.

What is the goal of online business? To make sure your customer can find the product he/she needs based on updated product information that brings full description and other data related to the product. To achieve this goal you need effective Pinnacle Cart Product management tools to organize and streamline the information, prices, stock level, and other aspects of your products. Store Manager for Pinnacle Cart assists you in reaching this goal with a powerful managing system that helps you to handle your online store inventory.

Products section shows you the list of products and their data organized in tables. You can arrange the way your products are displayed using filter by selected category, or show all grouped. It is very easy to make mass changes to your products using show all grouped filter as you can see all data at once. Helpful hints bring you all information you need to arrange your products view the way you need it.

Comfortable tool-bar with all basic and some extended options allows you to manage Pinnacle Cart products using main application. Or you can Export products into Excel file, edit them and import updated data into Pinnacle Cart store. Also you can update your store product quantities, prices and other data using file from your supplier. Product import is one of the prominent features, with its help your regular stock updates won't be the nightmare - batch updates are so fast now!

Store Manager for Pinnacle Cart allows you to specify products names, add new products, add new product images, remove unwanted ones and adjust the products Attributes. The following topics of Pinnacle Cart product management are covered:

Products Section

To perform the basic operations you can use Products toolbar

Or use any of products context menu.

You can perform such basic operations as:

  1. "Refresh data" forces product list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.
  1. "Add product" calls blank Edit Product form, which is used to create a new product. "Edit Product" dialog pages description see below.
  1. To edit product you can double click on it or use "Edit product" button. It calls Edit Product form for product you've selected. Please see below for options.
  1. You can "Remove Product from Current Category" or "Delete Selected Product" from your store . Pay attention that you won't be able to undo delete from store option.
  1. You can Clear selected product(s) Attributes from one or several products simultaneously. You have to confirm this operation (temporary disabled).
  1. You can use Mass Product Changer option to modify some options for several products at once. See Mass Product Changer option below.
  1. To Expand / Collapse all products and their options use icons.
  2. To Adjust columns width use icon.
  3. You can Export products to EXCEL or HTML and view product Page using corresponding options.
  4. You can View Product page using products' context menu. Note: To make sure the link is generated correctly, go to Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced and find this line at the bottom:
    1. You can uncheck "Same as database host" and type the proper URL.

Product Attributes Section

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